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Our farm grows hops used by our onsite brewery.  Varieties include Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, Comet, Crystal, Triumph and Mt. Hood 

Sustainability is key.  Grain from our brewery feeds our chickens and cows.  All other organic material is composted onsite. 

Our onsite brewery / tasting room creates beer highlighting hops grown on the farm and the best of the Willamette Valley's ingredients.  






Lore of the Crowing Hen

When you move from the suburbs with three little kids and purchase a farm, the first thing you do is drive to Wilco and purchase chickens, chickens that have a 99% chance of laying eggs.  We raised the hens and found so much joy in watching them grow.  

One day, one of our hens began to crow.  Excitedly, I proclaim to Michelle...We have a Crowing Hen!  

Since then, we have learned so many lessons (usually the hard way) about farming and brewing.  Each time we fix a mistake it makes us stronger as farmers, brewers and a family.  The most important lesson we have learned so far...

Hens don't Crow!

We look forward to having you out to our farm.  I'm sure by then we will have other lessons we've learned to share with you.

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10282 NE Abbey Rd.

Carlton, OR 97111

Tel: 971-501-8584

Tasting Room Hours

Saturday  12 - 5pm

Sunday     12 - 5pm

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